10 Things That Make Your Home Seem Cluttered

Dated: November 12 2020

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1.  full countertops

    Do your best to utilize your cabinet and pantry space to store small appliances. 

2. excess decorations

    too many decorations can be overwhelming to the eye. Make sure to remove outdated photos and transfer them to photo albums. Extra books can be stored in a bin under a guest bed.

3. fridge exterior

    keep your fridge door clean of clutter. Opt for a command station in which you can hang important notes, have a calendar, and store important mail.

4. a messy entryway

5. piles of old mail

    speaking of mail, throw it away! have a place in your command center to store important bills or letters and throw away the rest

6. way too many pillows

    opt for no more than 4 pillows on a standard couch. If you have an accent chair, let it be the accent and leave the pillow off.

7. TOYS!

    anyone with kids knows that it impossible to have all of the toys put up at one time. Invest in storage bins that make toy clean up quick and easy!

8. furniture

    if you are stubbing your toe in every room then you may have too much furniture! remove unnecessary pieces and replace them with functional pieces that can double as storage!

9. laundry

    there is no way around this one and there is no hiding it! if you cant immediately put it away, fold it and store it in the hamper until you have time!

10. overfilled shelves and cabinets

    go through all of your cabinets and get rid of the chipped coffee cups and random container lids! your cabinet space is precious!


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