Georgia State Government Takes Interest In Rental Issues In Savannah Tybee Island

Dated: February 20 2024

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🚀 Breaking: Georgia State Government Takes Interest in Rental Issues in Savannah & Tybee Island!

🚨Unifying Tybee Neighbors – Act Now to Defend Your Property Rights with House Bill 1121🚨

✨Understanding House Bill 1121✨

In the ongoing pursuit to safeguard your property rights, a crucial development has emerged. House Bill 1121, proposed to amend Chapter 60 of Title 36 of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated, holds the key to protecting your rights in the face of Tybee Island's proposed ordinance changes. This bill aims to amend regulations applicable to counties and municipal corporations, specifically targeting the suspension or prohibition of the continued use of property as a short-term rental unit under certain circumstances

Here's a Breakdown:
Prohibiting Local Government Overreach: 🚫
The bill aims to prevent local governments from arbitrarily suspending or prohibiting property use as a short-term rental, ensuring your rights are protected.
Clear Definitions and Violation Conditions: 📚
House Bill 1121 provides clear definitions and conditions for suspension or prohibition of short-term rentals, offering transparency and fairness.
Sovereign Immunity Waiver: 🛡️
The proposed legislation includes a waiver of sovereign immunity, allowing legal action against local governments for declaratory and injunctive relief.

Support for Legal Action: ⚖️
House Bill 1121 allows for the recovery of attorney's fees and costs of litigation, providing support for those seeking justice.

Legislative Construction and Effective Date: 📅

The bill includes provisions for legislative construction and specifies an effective date once enacted.

Personalize Your Message To Your Representatives HERE!

Your Action Matters – Act Before Tybee's Proposed Ordinance!

If House Bill 1121 passes before Tybee Island's proposed ordinance, it will provide a crucial layer of protection for property owners like you. Your immediate action is VITAL in making this happen. 

Contact Your Representatives:

Reach out to your representatives, urging them to support House Bill 1121. Emphasize how this bill can shield your property rights from undue restrictions.

Spread the Word:

Inform your fellow Tybee neighbors about House Bill 1121 and the importance of supporting it to ensure a united front in defense of property rights.

Stay Informed:

Keep yourself informed about the progress of House Bill 1121 and be ready to take additional actions as needed.

Read The Agenda Packet 

Download The Full Agenda Packet Here

See The Tybee Zoning Map

Join the Tybee Alliance Today!

Donate $500 to the Lawsuit Against Stripping of Property Rights Now

See the Last Council Meeting Recording & Review the Moratorium

Personalize Your Message To City Council In An Email HERE!


I have received many calls, texts, and emails about the moratorium since it all began, and I hope I can continue to bring clarity to such an overwhelming process. The moratorium has ENDED and only those with licenses in place can currently continue to rent unless they are owner occupied. As a Tybee resident, property owner and Realtor of 18+ years involved in property management, individual property rights are always a priority.
Whether you care about private property rights, love Tybee Island, buy or sell real estate, own property on Tybee, or are considering it- this issue affects YOU! Please speak up and let the City Council hear from you
Mayor, City Manager, and Council members' emails:

Brian West, Mayor  | 912-658-1234
Tony Ploughe |  912-710-0035
Nick Sears | 912-373-6648
Spec Hosti | 912-786-4573
Bill Garbett | 912-4337343
Kathryn Williams | 912-521-5266
Monty Parks | 912-704-5152
Michelle Owens, City Manager |
 (912) 786-4573
Janet Leviner, City Clerk  |
Bubba Hughes, City Attorney |  912-233-9700

Copy & Paste:,,,,,,,,,

Email Tybee City Council About Your Rights Being Threatened:
It is widely known now City Council members are moving forward to plan to vote in favor of this.
 Ask your emails go on record and be included in the next City Council Agenda Packet. I've heard from 100s of property owners weekly who do not want to lose their right to rent now, in the future, or ever!

We want equal protection for all property owners!

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